What is PostCurious?
PostCurious makes unique narrative tabletop puzzle games, blending escape rooms, board games, and interactive fiction using physical objects and some online components. You can experience these adventures from the comfort of your home as you solve riddles, decipher symbols, and manipulate objects to further unravel a mystery.

What is The Emerald Flame?

The Emerald Flame is a narrative tabletop puzzle adventure revolving around the story of an alchemist searching for a legendary potion. It is told in three chapters, each packed with challenging puzzles and hand-drawn illustrations. The Emerald Flame is a cooperative game for 1-4 people and takes about 2-3 hours per chapter to complete, depending on the number of players and their experience level. The recommended age is 14+ as the game is designed for adults but younger sleuths can join in the experience with adult guidance.

I pre-ordered The Emerald Flame. When will I receive my game?

Given the many delays in worldwide manufacturing and freight shipping due to COVID-19, an exact timeline is not currently available. However, as of Sept 1, 2021, pre-orders are expected to be delivered in early December 2021.

My country isn't listed in the checkout page. Can you ship to me?
Most likely, yes. Please contact us at info [at] getpostcurious.com with your address and the items you'd like to purchase so we can prepare a custom order for you.

Is there anything in The Emerald Flame that doesn’t come in the package that I will need to play the game?
You will need an internet connected device, a pencil, ruler, scissors, and a way to light a fire.

What if I get stuck and can't finish a puzzle?
We like to give you a challenge, but we know getting stuck without help is no fun. That's why we provide players with an easily accessible hint system, as well as spoiler-free solution verification.

What is your refund policy?
Orders that have not yet shipped will be refunded in full. We will also refund or replace defective items at no cost. If an item is still unopened and not defective, we will provide a refund, but the return shipping will be at the buyer's expense.